The Windsong Charter Company provides a variety of packages—for large groups, to small, intimate parties, and team building. Romantic dinner cruises are a specialty.


corporate team building

Casual & Structured Team Building

What are your team’s goals? A shared experience or learning to work together? Windsong offers two different of team building.

Structured team building. In this version all passengers are required to take part in the sailing experience. To add to the experience, a list of key sailing terms will be furnished in advance.  Once we are out in the Bay, team members will help uncover and hoist the sails. They will take turns at the helm learning how to position the vessel to keep wind in the sails. We will then teach the positions to release the “sheets” on the port side and pull in the starboard sheet on the jib sail. Don’t worry the main boon will not swing and knock anyone overboard!  For large events we can schedule additional boats with Captains and create a racing regatta. There will be plenty of time to relax on deck and enjoy time on the water with snacks and beverages,

Casual team building. In this version passengers participate on a voluntary basis. This is still a great shared experience. 

Many people are new to sailing and the water.  The Windsong Charter Company makes sure we watch all passengers to ensure comfort and safety of everyone aboard. 

Some companies on aboard include:

Shell Oil, BHP Billiton, Vinson & Elkins LLP, UTMB, The Mohawk Group, Milliken, Liberty Insurance, FMC Technologies, IBM, Orange Savings Bank, BMC Software, ConocoPhillips, GE Oil & Gas…and many more!



relaxation & fun

Sunset Cruises / Daytime Charters

Charters aboard Windsong last 3 hours. They include Captain and crew and most importantly charter insurance!

We like to create an event that creates an amazing memory of sailing aboard a classic yacht on Galveston Bay. Every charter is private and about you! Windsong can be an interactive sailing experience. Help us raise the manual sails, tack the boat and learn how to drive her with time at the helm capturing the wind in her sails.  Many people just elect to enjoy the event from either of her spacious decks or from inside the cockpit.

We have speakers that play on deck so you are welcome to bring your own music aboard or elect to have the silence without engines running, the bow cutting through the water and the wind in her sails. You are welcome to bring your own cooler and snacks aboard.

We are always on the look-out for dolphin sightings as we sail out towards the ship channel!



cake & champagne

Wedding Charters

Windsong is happy to decorate for your event!  Garland of Wedding flowers and white wedding tulle flow from her and attract attention from other vessels or people on shore as we pass through the Clear Lake channel past the Kemah Boardwalk and sail Windsong on Galveston Bay. We consider the sea conditions and plan the event to suit your needs. You can bring your own official for your ceremony (this person is part of the passenger count). You can take photographs or we are happy to take shots or video for you as well as you commit your lives together. Dress has been very casual to simple Wedding gowns with flip flops. We can help you with your music selection with speakers that play on deck. We will assist you in serving snacks, champagne & cake on board.


rings & flowers

Engagement Charters

Windsong will help you create a memorable occasion to one of the most important days in your life. You can plan to drop off romantic picnic baskets, champagne or flowers in advance. Do you have a favorite song you want to start playing as you signal “the time” is here? We will work with you and help you plan your special charter which will be commemorated with photos!



honoring loved ones

Memorial Charters

To grant the final wishes of a loved one on a classic beautiful yacht is very rewarding. Windsong is the largest sailboat chartering on Galveston Bay. Her study construction makes her a stable and comfortable ride for all ages of passengers. We motor out to be the appropriate distance from shore where biodegradable containers, wreaths, flowers or just remains are gently cast into the sea. Favorite music, prayers, stories, silence have all occurred during your special charter. We can toll the ships bell for a passing of a soul as the celebration of life is memorialized for your loved one. 

We have watched peace replace grief as we are very compassionate and caring when we consider your individual charter needs at this very personal time.



classic sailing


Charters start by leaving Waterford Harbor Marina and last for 3 hours. We travel through Clear Lake, passing by the Kemah Boardwalk where we then enter Galveston Bay. We allow guests to learn about sailing and to participate in raising the sails and driving the boat! Guests are welcome to bring their own music aboard as well as snacks and beverages.

Your boat rental includes Captain and crew. All charters aboard Windsong are private events on Galveston Bay.