Windsong was built in 1978 in Taipei, Taiwan. She is a Formosa51 ketch rig with a center cockpit. Her overall length is 58’. She was first commissioned in Boston, moved to Miami and was purchased by Kathy Edwards in 2006 and moved to Texas Traveling over the Gulf of Mexico for 8 days. Kathy is the 8th documented owner.  

The documentation lists CH Lee as the master carpenter. Once the hull was built out of solid fiberglass a family of craftsman moved on the boat to finish out the interior. The Formosa sailing yachts are known for their ability to navigate and cruise around the world. She is stable and provides comfort to any age aboard her.



Windsong does not have the typical raised pilot house so her flat decks make it easy to walk and navigate around deck.


Windsong has the British Fleet design carved on all of her doors and beautiful lattice work cabinet doors; all are teak.


The Taiwanese craftsmen are well known for elegant carvings and beautiful teak woodwork


Windsong has been re-fit and modernized while retaining her classic style and old world charm.