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Windsong has been chartering on Galveston Bay since 2007. Kathy is the owner of this historic yacht, and host for your personal event. Whether you are looking for an intimate sunset cruise, a team building event, or a unique overnight stay—Windsong is ready to accommodate your perfect moment.

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The Windsong Charter Company specializes in Corporate Team Building, Intimate Weddings, Special Events and Daytime or Sunset cruises.  Popular Special events include:

Corporate Team Building





Day or sunset cruises

Burials at Sea

Overnight stays

sailing on galveston bay

sailing on galveston bay

a beautiful moment

a beautiful moment

the mast

the mast



the aft cabin

the aft cabin



of a classic formosa

Windsong was built in 1978 in Taipei Tawain. She is a Formosa 51 ketch rig with a center cockpit. She was first commissioned in Boston, moved to Miami and was purchased by Kathy Edwards in 2006 and moved to Texas. Windsong does not have the typical raised pilot house so her flat decks make it easy to walk and navigate. The Taiwanese craftsmen are well known for elegant carvings and beautiful teak woodwork. 

The documentation lists CH Lee as the master carpenter. Once the hull was built out of solid fiberglass a family of craftsman moved on the boat to finish out the interior. There were 3 designs of hand carved doors. Windsong has the British Fleet design carved on all of her doors and beautiful lattice work cabinet doors all out teak. Windsong has been re-fit and modernized while retaining her classic style and old world charm.


corporate team building

The Windsong Charter Company has two different team building formats—Casual and Structured. Casual Team Building is designed for limited involvement in sailing the vessel. Structured Team building is designed to get all members of the group involved in the operation of the vessel. 

If multiple boats are involved we can create a regatta for the vessels.


Sunset Cruises/Day Charters

We are an interactive charter. Guest are encouraged to participate and learn about the art of sailing. There are deck cushions to make yourself comfortable as you enjoy the sights and sounds of sailing on Galveston Bay. We allow people to bring snacks and beverages aboard.  


Wedding Charters

Windsong is a graceful stable vessel and has had many weddings performed on her deck. Per your request, we can decorate Windsong with white wedding tulle, ribbons and garlands of wedding flowers or keep her simple. Brides can come early and dress on board in the Captain’s quarters. We have had everything from simple attire and barefoot to beautiful gowns.

 There is plenty of room to serve cake and champagne after your event.  



Engagement Charters

Many fun stories and surprise engagements. Always creating and offering ideas to help you make your special memory epic to the start of your life together. Drop off champagne, balloons, flowers, etc. early or let us know how we can help!  We have also had many guests re-new their vows.





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Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
— Mark Twain
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